Travel: DC Cherry Blossoms

Spring has come early to the East Coast this year and I couldn’t be happier about it. My mother’s birthday just passed recently and my sister had planned a weekend in DC to celebrate. Most of her plans went out the window when the cherry blossoms bloomed early. Mum loves flowers and there was no way she was going to skip a look at these gorgeous blooms.

This year is the centennial of the planting of the cherry blossom trees. The trees were a gift from the mayor of Tokyo to the city of Washington DC in 1912. Today some 3000 trees surround the Tidal Basin and envelop it in fluffy pink clouds each Spring.

The blooms hang over the path around the Tidal Basin, slightly obscuring your view. Cherry blossom-tinted glasses if you will. Above is the Jefferson Memorial seen through the trees, quite a contrast to the winter.

Saturday was the most beautiful day, almost 80° and perfectly clear skies. Lots of pedal boats out on the water, people bicycling around the city, and of course plenty of ice cream.


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